Apocalypse Shelters For Sale

It’s been about two years since I’ve written in this online log of my life.  Much has happened since.  I’ve lent my soul to the devil for a few years and stopped writing.  Honestly, didn’t really have much to say.  Things seemed to be pretty normal, but lately I’ve found it hard to keep my thoughts to myself.  So since no one really ever read this to begin with, thought I’d at least be able to get it out of my head with little to no chance of repercussions.

There seems to be a lot of fear in the world right now.  I don’t know where your root lies, but it’s safe to say that there are a lot of people in this world that feel their lives will surely come to a close by the end-of-days.  I’ve noticed that there are a lot of people cashing in on this phenomena.  Since I’ve realized that my fights to improve the world have proven fruitless both financially and quantitatively I’d just take the easy way out and make some serious scratch on the widespread fear.  So here’s the ad:

Apocalypse Shelters For Sale:

Our state of the art apocalypse shelters offer you the security and sustainability that you and your family will need to survive those few extra and hellish days before the end-of-times.  Our solid 6-inch-thick steel boxes measure 10’x10′ and are impenetrable.  Also once buried in your back yard are completely unseen from the surface.  These aren’t your grandparent’s apocalyptic bomb shelters of the Cold War Era, with their cheap made trap doors, botulism-ridden canned goods, transistor radios, and uncomfortable canvas cots.  Our system comes complete with a shit-ton of guns, ammunition, and special communication panel, which allows you to communicate with all other bunkers on the planet.  Use the contents of the bunker to fight against the African American, Muslim, alien, liberal, Chinese,  union member, Indian, politician, media member, Hollywood elitist, music festival goer, homosexual, Atheist, Mexican, Socialist, Marxist, Canadian, Communist, hybrid-driving, environment-loving, welfare-celebrating hoards that have taken over the streets.  Our “TAKE BACK AMERICA” package starts at only $120,000 and can be installed in only a week.  Contact me at America@american.USA.compuserve.com for a consultation that will only cost you $1,000 and enter you into a chance to win a free basement tunnel upgrade to your “TAKE BACK AMERICA” package.  

Let’s keep fighting for an America that hasn’t existed in 20 years.

Don’t be so silly…Mohamed Nasheed quote about those that refuse to accept climate change as his island country is slowly being drowned by the rising Indian Ocean, but whatever, they’re dark skinned, live far away and The Voice is on tonight.


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One response to “Apocalypse Shelters For Sale

  1. sandy

    Yes all people who fear war will come( because that almost never happens)are stupid bigoted rednecks! Wait, what’s that make you? Oh ,it makes you prejudiced! Calling people’s fears whom you have never met and know nothing about stupid, makes you sound like what you hate so much. An ignorant white man! Just because you are self righteous, doesn’t make you right. Remember, just because you hate white conservatives, disney make hatred ok.your rant started out great making the point of horrible people making money off the scared masses. Then you just started ripping on white people for some reason. Why do you hate whites so much? Do you think minorities will love you if your seen as their ally? Are you just trying to be progressive? Think about where all of you racism and bigotry comes from, then accept you have a problem so the healing can begin. Remember, try tolerance for others over hatred.

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